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Advantages for Schäffer SLT drivers

Extremely low height from 1.89 m, also provided with cabins

The extremely low height of all SLT models introduces an extensive application range to the machines. Low passages or door frames can be mastered without any problems. Works are mechanised in places that are simply not accessible to conventional loaders. The driver also profits from the articulated steering - this provides the machines with unbeatable mobility when going round obstacles or corners.

Consistently upright and ergonomic posture

The driver always sits in an ergonomically correct, upright position on a Schäffer SLT model. Hydraulically or electrically lowerable overhead cabins force the driver to crouch in the driver position. It certainly is not a comfortable solution and is not each for the driver to safely control the machine in this position or to profit from an all-round view. Only the SLT solution from Schäffer is always ergonomic and always 100% safe.

Quick and easy to get on and off

A Schäffer SLT model's low sitting position provides another advantage. Getting on and off, which is needed so frequently, can be done without a great deal of effort. This is also supported by the position of the hand brake lever on the right-hand side of the machine a special, low form on the left-hand side of the intermediate cover. Particularly - but not just - old people will love the easy access to the driver's seat.

No maintenance effort through additional hydraulics or electronics

Maintenance for the SLT models does not require any more effort than with standard models. There are no additional moving parts. The intermediate cover with the 2000 and 3000 SLT models can be folded forwards. There is great access to all components that need to be maintained.

No time wasted with reconstruction works on the loader

The SLT machine's overhead cabin is fixed tightly and does not need to be either folded down or hydraulic sunk against other concepts. This means that the driver can use his/her loader for its intended purpose, i.e. to carry out heavy work. There is no need whatsoever for time-consuming folding or lowering work that is always required with competitor's products. You can only make use of this practical solution with Schäffer products.

Better kip load and stability

Important performance characteristics such as kip load and stability are at a similarly high level thanks to the SLT models' low centre of gravity and the longer wheelbase. This is where the unique composition of performance, practicality and safety arises from.