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This year, the Schäffer booth in hall 26 was extremely well attended by visitors. The visitors had a wide range of interests. Both the 11 t 9660 T telescoping wheel loader with the new "SDCT" drivetrain and the 1.8 t 2028 SLT loader with a height of just below 1.90 m met with great interest.

As Schäffer's Head of Sales Richard Bremenkamp commented: "No matter what size, the Schäffer loader is viewed as what it really is. That is a key machine in agricultural operations. The loader is a machine that is used every day, which often puts in more hours of work than any tractor. And because the number of working hours is always a scarce resource, productivity is massively boosted by the use of a loader."

Schäffer 2028 SLT
View technical Data of Schäffer 2028 SLT.
Schäffer 9660 T
View technical Data of Schäffer 9660 T.