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competence for construction business

Schäffer is a leading manufacturer of articulated wheel loaders and pivot steered tele handlers in Europe. The company now launches the 24er series that is specifically engineered to match the needs customers in landscaping, construction and municipals. The new machines differ technically from previous models. In order to emphasize these differences, the 24er loaders are no longer painted in the familiar red, but in yellow.

Overall, the 24er series includes seven different models with an operating weight between 1.8 t and 2.7 t. With these very compact machines dealers in construction and hire business can expand their offer in a growing segment. All new Schäffer loader lift relatively heavy loads at low operating weights. So the tipping load of the smallest new machine 2428 is already more than 1000 kg. This is made possible by a specially designed boom and front chassis. The boom pivot is lower than on the standard machine and the driver's view on the attachment is improved. The lifting cylinder is stronger. The thicknesses of the boom and brackets were increased according to the increased performance. The lifting height of the new loader is between 2.30 m and 2.50 m.

Also the SLT versions of the new machines are very interesting. These are characterized by a lower overall height. With protective roof it is just 1.90 m on model 2428 SLT. Therefore the loader can drive through even very low passages or e.g. can be used in underground parking lots. The low center of gravity of the SLT models affects in an even higher tipping load and better stability.

The Schäffer 2445 is one of the most powerful loader in its class. A 1.6 t pallet with paving stones can be transported safely also in rough terrain. Due to the low operating weight, the loader can be easily moved to the next job site. When the loader is used in garden and landscaping, it’s comparatively low ground pressure is a further advantage.

In all models Kubota diesel engines are used. The engines are well known for being low on fuel. They are also easy to start and have a long life expectancy. As standard all Schäffer loaders have the maintenance-free pendulum/articulation joint with an extended warranty of 3000 hours or 3 years. The Original Schäffer axles ensure durability and high traction forces.

Schäffer 2428
View technical Data of Schäffer 2428.
Schäffer 2428 SLT
View technical Data of Schäffer 2428 SLT.
Schäffer 2434
View technical Data of Schäffer 2434.
Schäffer 2445
View technical Data of Schäffer 2445.
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