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New, high-performance wheel loaders by Schäffer AT THE GALABAU 2016

Three new wheel loaders with Z-kinematics and a bucket capacity of 0.8 to 1.2 m3 were launched in Schäffer’s construction sector range. One of them is the new 5650 Z, which features a bucket capacity of 0.8 m3 and a working weight of 4.5 t and was constructed for high requirements in the construction sector, landscaping and the industry.

The new wheel loader is equipped with a powerful Kubota engine with 37 kW/ 50 HP, a displacement of 2.6 l, and four-valve technology. This machine is the first to feature electric drive control which permits significant increases in efficiency. The electronic support helps to optimally use the engine output and transform it into thrust, which results in reduced fuel consumption. The electronic control furthermore enables several new safety functions, such as overheat protection, which make working with the 5650 Z even more safe and reliable.

With a volume of 64 l/min, the hydraulic pump transports enough oil to reliably supply also demanding attachment tools such as pruning saws or mulchers. A good view to the attachment tool is guaranteed thanks to the elevated cab and the narrow front section. If you change to Schäffer loaders, it will be no problem to keep and use your existing tools. The maximum lifting height of the new wheel loader is 3.40 m. At up to 2.5 t, the tipping load is likewise very high.

Discover all advantages of the Schäffer loaders at this year's GaLaBau in Nürnberg. Visit Schäffer in Hall 7, stand 130.

Schäffer 5650 Z
View technical data of Schäffer 5650 Z.