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Schäffer 2436 SLT and 2445 SLT now also available with cabin

At the demopark 2017, the loader specialist Schäffer presented the successful 2436 SLT and 2445 SLT compact wheeled loaders for the first time as cabin versions. In this way the high-performance machines in an extra-low version are ideally prepared for use all year round.

The Schäffer wheeled loaders of the 24 range provide the very best conditions for use in gardening and landscaping, the construction industry and in the municipal sector. “SLT” means “Schäffer Lader Tief” (Schäffer low loader) and is a particularly low version of the machines. In this way the 2436 SLT (26 kW/ 36 PS) and 2445 SLT (33 kW/ 45 PS) are available with a total height from 1.95 meter. This means that you can safely drive the loaders through very low gates and doorways. Use in underground car parks is also possible without a problem.
Despite having an extremely low service weight of just 2,480 kg you will still be able to move complete pallets of paving blocks with a weight of 1,700 kg. Further benefit: The loader can easily be transported on a car trailer from one building site to another. Even when loading trucks, the machine cuts an impressive figure thanks a lifting height of 2.50 m.
The loaders are equipped with a Kubota motor which is fuel efficient with low exhaust emissions, and this motor gives problem-free starting and long service life. The original Schäffer wheeled loader axles convert the engine power effectively into a high level of thrust and guarantee longer service life. Braking is effected through a maintenance-free, low-wear multi-disc brake. As standard, a maintenance-free articulated swivel joint is provided which has an extended manufacturer’s warranty of 3,000 hours or three years. The driving speed is 20 kph. The working hydraulic system can be expanded further with a reinforced pump capacity. This means that hydraulically-driven attachments such as mowers or snow blowers can also be used without any problems. Along with the cabin, which is fitted with a heating system as standard, this flexibility guarantees that the machine can be used all-year round.
Schäffer Marketing Manager Sebastian Bertelsmeier has noticed a trend with customers in the gardening and landscaping sectors: “More and more often, we get feedback that the size of the building plots and therefore also the size of private gardens is decreasing significantly. In this situation our small, flexible and strong compact loaders offer you just the solution you are looking for. In addition our customers appreciate the flexibility when using the loader due to the large range of attachments and the fact that you can take the loader quickly and simply on a car trailer from one location of use to the next. On top of that there is now the option of having the 2436 SLT and 2445 SLT fitted with a cabin, which will significantly extend the scope of application of machines which will be available from summer 2017.”

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