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The new SCHÄFFER Teleloader 8610 T

At the occasion of EuroTier, Schäffer introduces a new model in the 6-ton-class, which is especially interesting for the agricultural section. The 8610 T is a teleloader ideally suitable to replace the front loader tractor used so far, increasing e.g. the productivity of loading feed mixers considerably. The 8610 T is extremely manoeuvrable, offers a high loading capacity, and is very versatile.

Compared to its predecessor, the 8610 T is equipped with a more powerful engine, a Deutz diesel engine with 75 kW (102 HP) that contributes to the high traction force of the 6.5 ton machine. The complete drive train has been re-designed. Due to the excellent adjustment, the cleaning of the exhaust gas could be kept very simple. The exhaust emission standard 3b is achieved simply by using a diesel oxidation catalyst without the need for a particle filter.

The centrally positioned “SCV“- cabin (Silence / Comfort / View) is available in two different heights, enabling the customer to select the height of the machine according to possibly existing low passages. The driver’s all-round view is exemplary in any case. Even over a long period of time, it is possible to work safely and productively.

As an option, the 8610 T can also be equipped with a compressed air brake, whereby the permissible trailer load is 12 tons in this case, which extends the versatility of applications additionally. If requested, the travelling speed can be set to up to 35 km/h.

The maximum lifting height of this new teleloader is 5.10 m. The ferro-form sliding elements in the telescopic arm are virtually indestructible. As is the case with all Schäffer teleloaders, the 8610  T is also equipped with a freely suspended rear axle, achieving a high level of stability. The tipping load with up to 3.0 tons is also considered to be of a very high standard. A large range of tools and accessories rounds off the offer.

Schäffer 8610 T
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