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New Schäffer Teleloader 9660 T with "SDCT" Drive

Schäffer’s range of products in respect of teleloaders with articulated joints is the most extensive of the market. The 9660 T is the latest model, and with an operating weight of 11 tons and a lifting height of 6.10 m, it occupies a very exclusive position in the market.

With “SDCT“ the 9660 T reaches the next evolutionary stage. “SDCT“ stands for Schäffer Dual Clutch Transmission. It is a double-clutch transmission that is used in connection with a hydro-static drive for the very first time. The advantages are quite obvious: the hydro-static drive is extremely easy and comfortable to handle. Together with the “SDCT“ a traction force is achieved that could only be realised so far with much more complicated, costly as well as inconvenient solutions. Due to its high performance traction force, the 9660 T can load and press down silage without any problems. The driver can choose between three travel ranges and thus also select the maximum speed. It is very easy to change from one travel range to the next by pressing a button. Most of the work can be carried out in the large travel range, with a travelling speed of up to 40 km/h. Efficiency is a further important advantage. As the “SDCT“ gearbox works highly efficient, fuel is turned into performance extremely economically. Especially in respect of the large travel range, the power is transmitted very directly, minimising the fuel consumption.

As from now the 9660 T will be equipped with a load-sensing hydraulic system. This very powerful hydraulic system will be able to carry out load cycles even faster, while saving fuel at the same time, as this system only releases oil, if requested by the working hydraulics.

The 4-cylinder Deutz common rail turbo diesel engine with 115 kW (157 HP) also works very efficiently. A diesel oxidation catalyst and a particle filter support the exhaust gases to be purified in an environmentally friendly manner, irrespective of the conditions of use.

Schäffer 9660 T
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