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New 5470 Z wheel loader for the construction industry

Schäffer presents the 5470 Z, a new wheel loader in the 0.8 m3 class, at this year's Bauma. The completely redesigned machine has a revised boom geometry with Z kinematics, giving an optimised view of the attachments such as the earth shovel and pallet fork. A spacious new cab also contributes to better all-round visibility. The 5470 Z, which weighs five tons, meets all the requirements of exhaust emission level Stage V and thus significantly reduces pollutant emissions.

The new wheel loader is powered by a Deutz engine with 45 kW (61 PS), and there is also a 55 kW (75 PS) option available. Both power ratings meet exhaust emission level Stage V through the use of a diesel oxidation catalyst and a diesel particulate filter, giving a significant reduction in soot particles and nitrogen oxides around the machine.

Maximising visibility was a key driver for the redesign of the boom and cab. The low front end and the narrow boom, combined with the raised seating position of the driver, provide an ideal view of the attachment. The lifting height of the loader is 3.25 metres with a lifting force of 3.6 tonnes. The particularly strong Z kinematics on the tool cylinder ensures high breakout forces. The new cab is more roomy and offers more space for boarding and working.

The very high working pressure of 510 bar in the drive provides high thrust forces and improved agility, with the benefit of further efficiency and fuel saving use of the loader. The standard speed is 20 km/h, the machine is also available with 30 km/h as an option. Long-term cost savings are possible thanks to the Schäffer’s standard multi-disc brake, which runs in an oil bath and is hermetically sealed, reducing maintenance to a minimum. The working hydraulics have an output of 65 l/min with the option to increase to 74 l/min with the larger engine.

High Traction Force (HTF) and Schäffer Power Transmission (SPT) deliver technical innovations and additional driving comfort. HTF automatically regulates the thrust so the loader can supply the highest possible thrust even in a high gear. This eliminates the need to switch to first gear, for example when driving into a pile of gravel. SPT is an electronically-regulated drive adapted to the torque of the diesel engine, so operating costs decrease as the diesel fuel consumption is reduced. The optional potentiometer acts as cruise control and the loader keeps a constant speed automatically and independently from the motor speed – especially convenient when working with a broom.

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