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5680 Z: The new Schäffer wheel loader

At this year‘s Agritechnica, Schäffer presented the new wheel loader 5680 Z. With a working weight of 4.3 t the machine convinces through its optimised drive concept, which has increased its thrust by 30 % compared to the previous model.

The new wheel loader is powered by a 55 kW / 75 HP strong Deutz engine of the latest generation. The torque is 300 Nm, no engine in this machine class has a higher torque. It forms therefore the basis for a powerful drive. The original Schäffer planetary axle with 5 outer planets transmits the power of the engine reliably to the ground. The thrust is enormous which makes driving highly enjoyable. In addition to that, the swing angle of the rear axle was increased by 4° in comparison with the previous model which provides more safety when driving on rough terrain.

The high efficiency of the power train simplifies the emission control significantly. The emission standard IIIb is achieved by the diesel oxidation catalyst alone, which makes a high-maintenance particle filter unnecessary.

The eyecatcher of the new 5680 Z is the completely re-designed rear. It allows increased air circulation, which simplifies the temperature control. The new Visco fan which is controlled independently from the temperature and adapts automatically to the requirements contributes to this as well. This results in a significantly quieter and more economic operation of the machine as a whole. What is completely new is the option of a hydraulic fan drive with inverse function. At the push of a button, the cooler and the filter are cleaned reliably by the inversed air current. This is a great advantage, not only during the straw harvest.

The newly designed bonnet can be opened very wide and facilitates the access for maintenance work. The cyclone was built in such a way that it could be housed under the bonnet. This results in a significant improvement of the visibility to the rear as well, also due to the shape of the bonnet that slopes downwards.

The maximum lifting height of the new wheel loader is 3.40 m. And the tipping load is also at a very high level with up to 2.5 t. The area of operation of the 5680 Z can be expanded considerably through the optional licensing as a traction engine for up to 6 t towing capacity and the optional fast gear for up to 30 km/h. A large selection of tools and accessories complete the range.

Schäffer 5680 Z
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