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Economical compact yard loader

Following the success of the established Schäffer 2630 yard loader, the German specialist has launched the 2630 SLT, an even more compact and yet powerful 18.5kW/25hp version of the popular loader. Boasting a low minimum height of 1.95m and a minimum width of 1.02m, the machine fits through even the narrowest doorways and gates without a hitch. Thanks to its powerful engine and high-pressure hydraulic drive it also offers great fuel efficiency.

The 2.4t loader is powered by an 18.5kW(25hp), 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine, a low-emission unit that requires no emission treatment system. Developing its power from a 1.7-litre displacement, the Kubota is the highest-torque engine in this powerband, reaching its maximum torque at a fuel-efficient 1,500rpm with low noise and reduced fuel rates. The standard-fit 510bar high-pressure drive accelerates the loader rapidly to 20km/h, developing a high thrust and offering plenty of agility and driving pleasure.

In bucket work, the 2630 SLT offers a tipping load of up to 1.7 tonnes while lifting loads to heights of up to 2.88m thanks to the sturdy boom. Its articulation, as well as the low machine height of 1.95m, makes the loader extremely manoeuvrable and the ideal machine to work in confined spaces. The loader is available both in utility cab or a full cab specification.

The automatic High Traction Force (HTF) thrust control eliminates the need for downshifting to get the maximum thrust, boosting your work rates and providing the maximum thrust also in range 2. The transmission is controlled electronically by the Schäffer Power Transmission (SPT) which pairs the hydraulic drive with the torque characteristics of the engine and translates into a substantially higher performance as efficiency and fuel economy increase. SPT offers the driver a number of new possibilities, including cruise control to keep the machine at a constant driving speed regardless of engine speed, which is particularly advantageous when working with feed dosing devices, straw distributors, mulchers or brooms.

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