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Intelligent details for operating efficiency without compromises

Wheel loaders by Schäffer: Advantages in the smallest of spaces

All Schäffer loaders lift relatively heavy loads despite low operating weights. The tipping load of the smallest new type 2428-2 machine is already more than 1,000 kg. This is made possible by a specially designed front end. It is lower in comparison with the standard machine, thus improving the driver's view of the tool.
The lifting cylinder is stronger.

The thicknesses of the swinging fork and supports were also increased to match the performance gains. The lifting height of the new loaders is between 2.30 m and 3.25 m.

The SLT versions of the new machines are also likely to be very interesting. They are characterised by a lower overall height, which is only 1.92 m for the 2428 SLT with an over-head guard. The loaders can thus also drive through very low passages, and are also suitable for use in, e.g., underground car parks. The SLT machines' low centre of gravity results in an even higher tipping load and better stability.

Schäffer tele wheel loaders – an indispensable aid on the building site

Schäffer tele wheel loaders combine the manoeuvrability and clear visibility of an articulated wheel loader with high lift height and range of a conventional telescopic loader. More and more customers are opting for one of these models with an operating weight between 2.75 and 13 t.

Due to their articulated steering, Schäffer tele wheel loaders are extraordinarily dynamic in use. The rear end of the vehicle always follows in the tracks of the front end. Manoeuvring is very simple and mobility is great thanks to the high steering angle.

The large, centrally-positioned cab gives the driver perfect all-round visibility. Not least also due to the low front end, whose height has been reduced in comparison with the previous models. This means that the vehicle operator always has a perfect view of the attachments and can work more productively and safely.

Depending on the model, the maximum lifting height is between 3.72 m and 6.10 m. The Ferro-Form sliding members of the telescopic arm are indestructible. The tool cylinder is located within the telescoping arm and thus protected from damage. The machines achieve very good break-out forces through the integrated Z-kinematics, and are therefore the ideal workhorse on the building site. But even in the communal and industrial applications, more and more customers are choosing Schäffer.